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Thrive as yourself.
Build the future YOU want

I’m Stefan, an executive function (EF) coach and educational therapist based in the Bay Area, California. I work with high school, college, and adult clients all over the US. I help my clients embody their authenticity and potential, and build the skills and systems to navigate life with confidence and purpose.

Some quick terminology:

Authenticity: Self-alignment, living your values, being the author of your life

Potential: Your power and possibilities

Systems: How you manage your actions, time, and energy. How life gets done.

Executive function: The self-management skills to effectively do life.

I believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling, meaningful, and successful educational, career, and life. Just because you’re wired differently, it doesn’t mean you don’t have gifts and talents to share with the world. You do, and the world needs it. Let’s work together to make it happen!


Typical clients:

Bright, quirky, kind, service-driven people with executive function challenges. Including by not limited to: ADHD, 2e, learning differences, anxiety, burnout. 


Common challenges:

Navigating life transitions like graduation or career change

Strained relationships due to communication, emotional regulation, chores

Consistently practicing self-care

Making and following through on short and long term goals

Managing time and energy effectively to succeed at school, work, or home

Long-term planning, organization, prioritization

Did okay in high school, but starting to fall apart in college

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