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"Our son, who is now in 8th grade has been working with Stefan consistently since 6th grade and it has been truly transformational. He is much stronger and more confident in math as a result of his partnership with Stefan and, more importantly, he has a more positive sense of self overall. Although math continues to be challenging, Stefan has helped him learn to persevere when things get difficult and to creatively find solutions when he struggles. 


As an experienced educator with over 15 years in the classroom, I have a sense of what excellent teaching and tutoring looks like - and Stefan is truly exceptional. His math knowledge is incredible and it is matched by his understanding of how to work with young people to develop and grow their own conceptual and practical understanding of how math works. But what impresses me most about Stefan is his genuine investment in my son as a person and his ability to build a trusting relationship that allows him to push my son beyond what he thinks he is capable of."


Trevor (Parent)

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